A question concerning the end of life before the Constitutional Council

The National Union of Associations of Families of Traumatized Crania and Cerebro-Damaged (UNAFTC) has referred to the Constitutional Council on a priority issue of constitutionality concerning the decree on the end of life.
The debate on the end of life comes before the Sages. The National Union of Associations of Families of Head and Cerebral Palsy (UNAFTC) was referred to the Constitutional Council concerning the Decree on the end of life. A priority issue of constitutionality (QPC) has been filed by this collective concerning the collegial procedure for stopping treatment for a patient in a vegetative state unable to express his wishes, according to the information revealed by Le Figaro.

The decree implementing the Claeys-Leonetti law on end-of-life, published on 3 August 2016, provides that the physician should be the last person to decide on the termination of treatment without To require that his or her decision does not imply the full support of family and friends. The text stipulates in particular that “the decision … of cessation of treatment is taken by the doctor in charge of the patient at the end of the collegiate procedure”, that is to say after consultation with the team Care and advice from a consultant doctor, according to AFP.


For the UNAFTC this lack of consultation with the family is problematic. “If the person has not been able to express his wishes, the doctors have to go to the relatives and they have to find a concerted solution together,” explains La Croix Philippe Petit, the association’s president. Says “neither pro-life nor pro-euthanasia”.

The collective therefore wants the Constitutional Council to address this issue of consensus between the family and the doctor in order to clarify the situation of patients in a vegetative state.

The Constitutional Council should rule on the constitutional compliance of the decree on the end of life within 15 days.

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